Frequently Asked Questions

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Do all tours include round-trip transportation to and from the hotel?

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 Yes. Rest assured, every tour that is available on Tourism Made includes round-trip transportation to and from your hotel. Each tour supplier has their own vehicles and drivers that are responsible for getting you to your destination safely and back to your resort. Apart from ensuring you are getting to the right place, it also saves you the additional cost of having to pay for a taxi to and from an excursion destination. 

Where do we meet for pick up?

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 Each resort has a different meeting area for excursion pickups. Please refer to the confirmation you received by email after booking your tour for detailed information. You will also receive a welcome phone call at your hotel from our representative in DR who will be able to confirm exact pickup location and answer any additional questions you may have. 

Do I need to print my excursion confirmation?

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 While Tourism Made Easy ensures that your tour is confirmed, we do recommend printing a copy of the excursion confirmation to present to the driver at the time of pick up. This helps avoid confusion and ensure you are getting on the right vehicle with the right supplier. If you prefer not to print your reservation confirmation however have the information on a mobile device, this will also be accepted. 

Why do we need to bring cash if the tour is already paid for?

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Bringing cash along with you on a tour is not mandatory and we do not recommend carrying large amounts of money with you on an excursion, however, we do recommend carrying a small amount of cash with you for the following reasons:

  • Many tours have professional photographers that are taking pictures throughout the tour that you may want to purchase.
  • Several tours make stops at local gift shops where you have the option of purchasing Dominican souvenirs.

***US Dollars and Dominican Pesos are the most widely accepted form of currency.

Are there any additional fees added to the cost of the tour?

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No, Tourism Made Easy does not charge any booking fees or additional fees that would add to the cost of the tour listed on our website. All prices listed have taxes included. Please note that all prices are listed in US Dollars and will be charged to your credit card as such. We cannot be responsible for exchange rates or international fees that your credit card provider may charge to you.

Why are pregnant women not permitted to participate in most tours?


While some tours have little to no risk of affecting your pregnancy, we still have to take precautionary measures to protect our customers. We cannot be responsible for any complications that may arise during or due to activities related to any of the tours.

Does the tour still go out if it rains?

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There are many tours that can still function 100% even if it rains. Other than rain, the conditions of the ocean can affect whether the excursion can or cannot go out. If a tour needs to be canceled or rescheduled due to weather conditions, our Representative will get in contact with you at your resort.

What if my tour is canceled due to bad or extreme weather conditions?


If for some reason weather conditions do not permit your reserved tour to go out on the day it was booked, we will gladly help you to reschedule. If rescheduling is not possible due to continued bad weather and you happen to be leaving the island before the tour can be completed, a full refund will be issued.

Cancellation Policy:

 1-48 Hours to Cancel any Reservation

  2- No Charges for Changes

  3- No Hidden Fees

What if I want to reschedule my tour while in destination?

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Of course, if you have a change of heart, we are happy to reschedule your tour to a different day however please keep in mind, the cancellation policy will apply. Also please remember that tours are subject to availability, we will do our best to work with our suppliers to secure a space for you but if the tour is at capacity, rescheduling may not be possible.

What if I slept in or forgot about my tour?

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Unfortunately, if you do not appear at the time and place of pick up for your tour, there will be no refund issued. The only way we can process a refund in case of a no-show, will be if a medical certificate is presented.


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